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Griffith Hashtag Help?

Hey everyone!

I'm getting married on Earth Day 2018 and my new last name will be Griffith and I am having the hardest time finding a hashtag I like!! D:

One of my friends recently married a Griffith and her hashtag was #GoingGriffith so I cannot use that; don't want to seem like I'm copying her. 

I'd love to incorporate Earth Day in there, but my creativeness just is not working. I'm big on animals and nature and we're getting married at a zoo botanical garden, if that helps any. 

At the moment, I'm considering #GriffithsAddABranch2018, like adding a branch to the family tree but I think that may sound more like a pregnancy announcement hashtag and that is definitely not happening any time soon and I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. 

Please help? D: 

Thanks in advance!

Re: Griffith Hashtag Help?

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