Wedding Recap and Withdrawal


Re: wedding

  • It is a beautiful dress, you look beautiful, your wedding looks like it was a lot of fun. 
  • I think your dress is gorgeous and looks like you had a ton of fun! 
  • Thanks ladies!! 

  • From my perspective, the only thing you needed to do was make sure the dress was properly pulled down as believe it or not, it was slightly snug in key areas the way the fabric is pulling, with MAYBE the bodice sewn about a half-inch long.  That said, it would have gotten bunchy and made you look like a stuffed sausage had you had the dress any tighter or the straps shorter when the issue you're pointing out is actually with the torso length.  It was properly fitted given a costuming/tailoring perspective in the pictures!  You look FABULOUS!!!!  Let any doubts fade away because it really does look properly fitted!
  • Thank you so much! When I looked at it from your perspective, I can’t believe I had been obsessing about it for so long. It was custom tailored just for me and everyone thought it showed off my personality! Thank u again
  • @nadinez525, why did you delete your original post? That's not considered appropriate here.

    But you look beautiful in your dress.
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