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We are planning on getting married in December 2018 in Vegas. Around 40-50 people. I am still unsure of EVERYTHING... but I wanted to ask, people that used a party bus:

Was this your reception? What do you do? Just drive in the party bus? Go somewhere specific?
I feel so confused. Sorry if this is a ridiculous question. LOL.

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    I don't think there is a party bus that holds that many guests; you'd be looking at a standard transportation bus if you're wanting to move 40+ between two locations, such as ceremony to reception.  I have seen a 45 person 'party bus' outside of Vegas, which is actually based on the same exact bus the airport uses to take you to the rental car depot, even has the same hand rails inside, but it's not exactly a party feel, it's just two really long rows of seats with that awkward step up in the back.

    A good portion of Vegas weddings fall into three types:

    1) Everything in one place, e.g. ceremony + reception at an event venue, restaurant, golf course, etc.
    2) Ceremony at a ceremony venue (chapel, wedding facility, some place Vegas-specific like Red Rock, Bellagio foutains, etc.) followed by a reception at a restaurant.
    3) In-suite, where the reception, possibly the ceremony too, is held in a large hotel suite (10 to 50+ guests)

    We had 125 guests so we did an all in one at a restaurant so we wouldn't have to deal with transportation and timing logistics of moving people around.

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    We have a party bus booked that can hold up to 40 people, although I am guessing at that max it would be packed. (We have roughly 30) the website is
    We are doing it the night before the wedding after our welcome dinner (if you can call it that, everyone is meeting and having In N Out burger), as a little treat for everyone and we are going to the Las Vegas Sign, fountains of Bellagio, and Fremont Street. We have the bus booked for three hours. 

    The night of the wedding we are doing a casual insuite reception after the ceremony of heavy apps, alcohol, and dessert. 

    So anyways, regardless if you do a party bus as part of your reception there should be some type of meal provided somewhere in there.
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