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Caterer wants 30 days notice...

My daughter is getting married October 13, 2018.  The caterer we are using (highly recommended by venue as well as other people who have used them) wants a whole month - 30 days - for the final count.  Is having a 6 week RSVP too far ahead?  That would give us slightly less than 2 weeks to prod stragglers for their responses.  When would you send out invites?  Giving the guest a little time to arrange schedules, I'm thinking 10 weeks prior to wedding - but is that too early?

Re: Caterer wants 30 days notice...

  • I answered you in your previous post.
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    Hello and welcome.  There are many women on the board, myself included, that came to the boards as a MOB, MOG, or both. 

    When you post the same question on more than one board, it is helpful to include XP (cross posted) in the title.  It is not too late to do so in one of your posts regarding this dilemma.

    I agree with others who commented on your other post to try and push back with your caterer.  There is NO reason a caterer should require that much lead time with a final number.

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    Duplicate post, see next thread. 
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