Calling all Curvy Brides!

Hello Ladies,
 I am new to the knot! I recently got engaged (12.10.17)! We are planning for engagement photos in the Spring! I am having a hard time deciding what we should wear as a couple, but more trouble with what I am going to wear! Please show me your engagement photo outfits! Thanks in advance! 

Re: Calling all Curvy Brides!

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    You decide what you want to wear, s/he decides what they want to wear.  Think timeless.  What are you still going to want up on your wall at your 25th Anniversary to reminisce about, go with that outfit.  You and your style, not "what others have done" because whether you're curvy or not, these pics are about you feeling and being excited for the future ahead!
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    What type of location are you getting photos taken at? I dressed to match the formality of the scenery around me.
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