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Bra suggestions?

My wedding dress is not completely open back, but the back is lower than a traditional bra strap. It is also strapless. Currently, I am thinking of buying a lowline strapless bra/bustier that comes a bit lower in the back, but every single one I find has very mixed reviews. Any suggestions for brands or specific bras that work well? And preferably is a push up? And maybe on top of that, reasonably priced?

:P *sigh*

Keep in mind that my real band size is like 27", but I wear a 32C on the tightest hook because it's the closest I can find that is reasonably priced. I can do a 32C lowline bra, but it has to fit tightly around my torso, which is what I'm mostly worried about, since my torso is not even close to 32" around. I've never worn a lowline bra, so I don't know how they are sized normally.

Also I live in the middle of nowhere right now and I cannot go into any professional lingerie stores (or even anything as simple as a Victoria Secret). It pretty much has to be online.

[I also considered a sticky bra, but the one I tried before didn't really stick, and my wedding ceremony is also outdoors in the Houston area, so it will be hot af and I don't think it will stick at all.]

Re: Bra suggestions?

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    Can you have the seamstress/alterations person sew in a bra? DD had that done and it was fine. Not sure what size bra she wears but know she is a C cup normally.
  • So with the size of your boobs, I would think you can just use stickies. Lots of brands make silicone stickies with a clasp that give a little push-up. Go to amazon and search for silicone backless bra and you'll get a million options.

  • I had an alfredo angelo one I loved (I know that doesn't help since they are out of business). 

    But what I liked about it was that the boning was strong, but it had padding so the boning didn't cut it. Also it was smooth (I think spandex/lyrca covered?) so my dress laid flat against it. 

    I'd definitely recommend looking for something smooth. I had a fitted dress and the lace bras seemed to "catch" or rub on the lining of my dress. 
  • I recommend ordering 5 or 6 from HerRoom and returning the ones that don’t work. 
  • I bought my Corset busk on Amazon and LOVE it since it's tie in the back and metal in the front I can tighten or loosen depending on what I want for the look otherwise I've heard great reviews about shapercorset (.com) ...  That said, for your size, I'd recommend checking out Nordstrom's, order a few and return the ones that don't fit.  Corset/longline bra sizing is more related to your torso than it is your regular band.  This is one time don't go cheap and don't go overpriced either, a good one can last you years.  I own two from David's and neither lasted more than a few wears and after getting the others I'd never buy another one from there (I like being able to get in to the thing from the front instead of needing help, the quality is higher in metal vs. plastic boning, support is far better for a larger cup size, and the fabric choices oh my!) also contributed to that!)... 
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  • Thanks for the suggestions and advice, everyone! Very helpful! I will look into these all these and hopefully report back when I find a good one :)
  • I ordered (and returned) about 20 long-long low-back bras online (I liked Bare Necessities, but Her Room is good too). I took about 5 "finalists" to my first fitting.

    Keep in mind that the seamstress can help with this, too! My seamstress tacked down the back because even though it was 'low back' it wasn't low enough for my dress, and also tucked down the cups that were showing a bit. She also adjusted some padding in the cups so I had the right amount of cleavage I wanted, and tacked it into the dress so it wouldn't shift. This added MAYBE $30 to the overall cost of alterations, so to me that was well worth it. 

    I'm sure if you find one that fits your breasts and the dress but isn't tight enough around they could easily fix that for you!
  • I recommend ordering 5 or 6 from HerRoom and returning the ones that don’t work. 
    I totally agree with this, and with the PP who suggested Bare Necessities.  Both websites are great.  You can order multiple sizes of something you think would work in the size you need it in - both of these websites carry a huge range of sizes.  Both websites have a bra manufactured by The Little Bra Company called Sascha that comes in a 28C.  A few things to consider - this bra hits at the normal place in the back, however whether or not it can be seen could be fixed in tailoring.  I was in the same position, and it turned out that once my dress had been tailored, the back came up high enough to cover the bra, and I had nothing to worry about.  You can also have loops sewn into the dress so that it stays in place.  If all seems lost, perhaps you can find the best fitting lowback or longline bra that you can find and have the seamstress alter that for you, too.  I prefer to not sew the bra into the dress because I want the bra to move with me, not with the dress.
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