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hi girls -
how much are you guys planning to tip the photo/video, hair, dj? just looking for a rough i have a little tipping guide from the brides mag and looked online. but just wanted some input! thanks a bunch! oh...and are you guys tipping the florist? i read it wasn't florist is charging me $150 to deliver and set-up already. thanks!!!

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    tipping is a reward for a job well done. delivering and setting up have nothing to do with it!
    i guess our tips were about 10% give or take for each-dj, mc, photo, video, florist, maitre d, bridal suite assitants etc...


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    Check your contracts- a lot of vendors include a gratuity charge.  If they do, you might want to throw an extra few buck their way for a job well done, but the 10-15% guideline isn't necessary if they are including it in your bill.  For example, I am renting a limo this weekend for a bach party and gratuity is already included (nearly $200!).  If all goes well, we'll probably give the driver a $20 for a job well done.
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    Thanks Girls! 
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    Hair/mua - that should be the standard 15-20% as you would tip for a regular visit.  Photo/video - I'd wait until after I get the final product to decide how much you want to tip from the standard convention.  DJ - about $125-150+ (especially if there is an assistant).  For the florist, do have tipping money for the delivery guy and anyone that'll be helping with any set-up ($20 pp).

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