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appropriate reception entrance song?

I was thinking of asking for Best Friend by Sofi Tuckker for my entrance reception song,I wasn't sure if that is too modern of a song, I don't really like the middle lyrics ( the music would probably cut before that part)  but the song is really upbeat and catchy. 

anyone else thinking of doing this song or can imagine it as a good song to start the reception?

Re: appropriate reception entrance song?

  • Sure!  It's cute and you like it.  Remember, the reception is the party!  If you like this song, and it's brings a smile to your face - go for it.  If there is a part you don't like, have your DJ cut or fade before that specific part.  No worries.
  • As long as you like it then go for it. Forever Now by Kristian Bush is another nice entrance song.

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