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Food dilemma!

Ok, so we have already decided to go buffet style because my family and myself are picky eaters and Ive never been impressed by a served/sit down meal at a wedding (im a huge foodie and have high standards). This is where the problem begins though.  So.  Many.  Options!

We both love italian, mexican, and bbq.  He also is obsessed with sushi.  I definitely want a vegetarian or vegan option.  Also he cant have cheese or anything spicy, both of which I love.  He and his friends/family prefer simple dishes while im more experimental.  Im just not feeling plain american fare, but hes a country boy and so are his friends.  Finally meat in on my side is either really well done or they are vegetarians.  We arent sure which direction to go because its not realistic to have all of our favorites and it would be rediculous lol.  We are having a halloween wedding but a pretty ritzy one.  How did everyone here figure out food?  Any suggestions?  Food is so important to me so I want it to be something everyone remembers!


  • We are doing stations at ours. We will have a pasta station, a taco station, a salad station, and a slider station. Three of the stations have vegetarian/vegan available, there are GF/DF options, and everything is fairly "build your own" so spice level can be adjusted, cheese can be left off, etc. So my dad and my brother can have plain short rib sliders, while my grandma has grouper tacos, and my veg friend can have the vegetarian pasta or the truffle mac and cheese and leave off the bacon. It might get a little out of hand to offer ALL of your favorites, but I'm sure you can find a venue/catering which allows you to have some variety. 

    Oh, and my favorite is pizza, and we're having some from our favorite local shop  delivered to our after party. 
  • Its fine lol ;) i would love to be able to afford something nicer but yeah...i rather have options than subpar plated.

    I know a restaurant here and some of its connections that used to cater events for my old job and theyre rated as one of the best out there (bob chinns) but its mainly seafood, steak, and asian inspired dishes.  To have them do a plated steak dinner would double my budget to say the least but their buffet style meals have always been fab
  • Italian sounds like it fits your needs- easy to add vegetarian and vegan options, not intimidating for less adventurous eaters. 
  • Think of this as an exercise for life.  I'm a foodie, my husband is no sauces, dairy, creamy texture, dry-well done meat is his fav' ("Just like his Mom likes to make!"..  Yea - we're opposite ends of the food spectrum where as long as it doesn't contain any food I'm allergic/sensitive to, it's on the menu.  This is something you're going to be dealing with on a normal basis.  

    I'm pro-buffet at events for one simple reason, it's easier for me to control what goes on my plate because I have food allergies/sensitivities, and there are times, where "GREAT!  I get to eat a mixed green salad DRY!"  I would recommend reserving your foodie meals for the Honeymoon and go all out, for the reception, stick to what is going to please your crowds the most.  
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  • What about stations? You could have a carving station and mashed potato bar for the more traditional eaters, a taco station with rice and beans because y’all like Mexican food, and a made to order pasta bar because y’all like Italian. 

    Then have a fun mix of foods for your cocktail hour.

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    Whenever someone says they're never impressed with plated meals and want a buffet instead... I shake my head in wonder. I hate buffets because then the meal is always cold. The one time I had a good buffet meal is when I was part of the bridal party and served first and had first dig. No matter how "foodie" your options are, someone's going to get the dregs of the chafing dish before it's replaced. Gross. 
    For that reason alone I'd recommend stations like others have said. That's always fresher, in my experience. 

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