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Can you help me find this dress?

Hi ladies!  I’m acting as the wedding planner for a friend. She found this dress on Pinterest and absolutely loves it, but we are having trouble finding the designer. I have searched every drop waist, strapless wedding dress I can find, and no luck. Does anyone recognize it? Thank you! 

Re: Can you help me find this dress?

  • It appears to be a Pronovias gown - from 2014. Jahi and Argelia are similar dresses, though I'm having a hard time finding the name of that particular dress.
  • Tell your friend that Pinterest is a bad place to look for a dress!  Many of them are from several years ago, and you can't buy them anymore.
    Her best strategy is to go to actual shops and try on dresses that are available NOW.
  • Tell your friend to stop looking online, set her dress budget, and go try some dresses on at half that budget price (see above pinned post - the main reason for halfing the budget is because of alterations, undergarments, add-ons, etc. that add up on the nickel and dime level)...  Dresses that look great in pictures may not look great on her body, and dresses online she thinks she may not like may actually make her look like a million bucks on her.  
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  • I think it's ok to look on Pinterest for inspiration, but not for actual shopping. That way, when your friend goes to an actual boutique to see what styles look good on her (it may not be the one she thinks), she can say "I love ____ about this dress" or "I want a skirt with about this fullness", etc.

    Because yea, this dress (I believe) is a Pronovias dress that's several years old and you can only maybe find used. 

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