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Plain vs lace detail veil?

I purchased a cathedral length veil with no details/design on it. The dress is lace.

What are your thoughts on that, does that tend to look too plain or unfinished?

**And has anyone added lace details to a veil? If so, how much did that addition cost?


Re: Plain vs lace detail veil?

  • I personally wouldn’t add detail to your veil.  I like a plain cathedral veil. The dramatic length speaks for itself.  Would you be hoping for the veil to match the dress, or complement it?  
    Cost will depend a bit on your area, you could shop around at different tailors/seamstresses as well as the alteration deot of the shop you purchased the veil from...always helps to compare prices.  I didn’t have lace added to a veil so I cant comment personally.
  • Thanks for the advice! I was thinking to just compliment it or leave it as is. 
  • I had lace added to my veil. It was my mother’s and I ripped it :( :( :( Luckily, adding a couple pieces of lace here and there fit what the veil already looked like. It called around to vintage clothes shops to see who they used to repair their delicate pieces. 

    Since I knew I was going to use my mom’s veil with the lace I purposefully chose a plain dress. I tried on a couple lace dresses but found the lace on lace didn’t highlight either the dress not the veil. I would stick with the plain veil if I were you.
  • My dress is also lace and I went with a plain cathedral length veil. I love the simple elegance of the veil, and since there's no lace on the veil it lets the lace on the dress stand out more. Especially since my dress has a lot of detailing on the train. Hope that helps!
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