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Sandals Jamaica South Coast Wedding Advice

So, my fiancé and I are going to Be having a destination wedding at the Sandals Jamaica South Coast resort. Neither of us are extremely religious and I always knew I’d want an outdoor type of wedding. I also believed it would be cheaper to do a more intimate type of wedding and we will honeymoon there as well. However, I’m starting to get really nervous that it might not be what I’m expecting it to be or what it seems like in photos. Has anyone here gotten married at a Sandals resort? If so any pictures or advice would be helpful!! I really have my heart set on it and my fiancé loves the idea but now I’m having second thoughts...

Re: Sandals Jamaica South Coast Wedding Advice

  • I haven’t been to that resort (or to Jamaica) so I can’t help as far as sharing personal experience.  But what do the resort’s reviews say?  (Not reviews that they feature on their site, but on Facebook, wedding sites, etc.). Ask your coordinator there if there are past brides who’d share their experience, or photos.  
    Have you been there?  FWIW, I’ve heard good things about the Sandals brand.
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