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Government shutdown

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Yikes!  Both my son and my son-in-law work as government contractors in the D.C. area!  Pray for the workers!

Anybody else out there affected?

Re: Government shutdown

  • Are they out of work or still ok for now? 

    My H works for the feds. His office is paid out of a different fund so he is ok for now but if it goes on for a while then he would be affected. He has a friend who has to go in today, sign furlough paperwork, and leave. 
  • Are they private sector employees working for government contractors or paid directly by the government?  DH works for a government contractor but they're a private employer so it's business as usual for him.

    I'm outraged for people like my friend who get the BS of this downstream.   Her ex DH is military so his inability to get paid can mean it's his inability to pay child support if his check is withheld long enough. 
  • The shutdown is ending, at least until February 8.
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