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Have to change ceremony location--I think it's too small! Need ideas to make space seem bigger!


Our ceremony and reception are all happening in one venue--there's a few different spaces to utilize, so there's some flexibility. The reception space is set--it's a big open patio. Long story short... The original ceremony site won't work any more and the back up plan is this off shoot of the reception patio. The wedding planner thinks we can fit enough chairs for everyone, but it will be very tight--likes chairs from wall to wall. It's outside and there's just kind of a grassy area in the background. Can't use that lawn though because it will be difficult to get up that area (no steps and we have older family members). Anyhow... Looking for suggestions to make a small ceremony site feel bigger (if possible!) or if we should just try to have the ceremony inside (I reallyyyy don't want to have it inside.).


Re: Have to change ceremony location--I think it's too small! Need ideas to make space seem bigger!

  • I know it would be a hassle, but can you all set up all the chairs that will be needed to see if everyone will fit?  Like a trial run, so to speak?  Keeping in mind that you will also need to include the "aisle" in the middle.  And enough leg room between the rows so that one person backing their chair up, won't take out someone's knees!  You all don't want your guests to feel "scrunched", like they're on an airplane.

    The fact that it is outside will help with the "feeling bigger".  But nothing will help if there is truly not enough space for all guests to sit comfortably.  Guest comfort needs to trump wanting the ceremony outside.

    While people should always assume and plan for 100% attendance, is it possible to wait until after the RSVP date has passed to make a decision on outside or inside?  Perhaps there will be enough declines to make the outside site an easy choice.

    Another thought, could you all use the reception area for the ceremony?  With the staff either flipping the scene from ceremony to reception during cocktail hour or guests taking their seats and watching the ceremony from their tables.  I've heard a number of stories on TK where that kind of configuration worked out nicely.

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    I am an old lady, here.  As long as I have a comfortable seat that is reasonably easy to get to, I don't care how romantic or open your ceremony venue is!  Just make me comfortable!  Believe me, your guests won't care about being outdoors.
  • I had my ceremony and dinner in the same location. The venue just added in the tables while we had cocktail hour in another part of the venue. I would recommend that. 
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