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Health update

Damn!  I turn 67 tomorrow.  I spent today at the hospital having surgery to remove some surprise lesions on my neck.  They popped up almost overnight.  I am so glad I am in a community that has good health care.  I just got home, and I thought I would post before the hydro-codone kicks in.  We won't know the results until next week.  Probably more cancer.  Oh, well.  DH is a big worry mess.

Last night we went out to Red Lobster and I got my birthday shrimp dinner.  DH hates fish, so we don't go often.  I went to the grocery and bought myself a birthday cake.  Tuxedo cake - yum!  It is in the fridge, so I'm all set to celebrate tomorrow.

My biggest issue, now, is my vision.  My one good eye is rapidly deteriorating.  I can't drive as of last week, and that really cramps my independence.  DH is willing to drive me places, but then he is there, looming over me, wondering what I am going to buy at the store.  Ugh.  I can still see to read, but the TV is blurry.  I know better than to risk hurting someone by trying to drive a car when I shouldn't.

I hope you all have a better weekend that I am having!

Re: Health update

  • I'm sorry to hear about your vision deteriorating.  I'm glad you have your Husband to help, even if he looms.  I hope you get some good results from your last surgery.  And enjoy the tuxedo cake!  It's DH's favourite

  • Prayers that you get some good news next week!

    I love good seafood, but I am finding more and more that the rich sauces and drawn butter no longer "sit well" with me.  My H is not a fan either, so my "fish fix" is few and far between as well.  My birthday was last week, so Happy Birthday fellow winter baby!

    Vision loss is my greatest fear as well.  The left eye is being monitored for glaucoma, and I have already had retinal issues with the right eye.  These permanent and sometimes large "floaters" really freak me out some days!  I don't care if H looms and lingers, but I tend to be quite quick with my walk and steps, and H is slower than molasses.  When leaving a store, I often am in the car and have it warmed up by the time H gets to it.

    I hope you have a comfortable weekend. 
  • So sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I hope you're feeling better today.

    Happy birthdays @CMGragain and @MobKaz.
  • @CMGragain and @MobKaz, happy birthday, and @CMGragain, all the best with your medical procedures.
  • Happy belated birthday @MobKaz and happy birthday @CMGragain- also sending healthy vibes 
  • Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about the vision complications now
  • Happy Birthday!  It sounds like you had a nice one.  Positive vibes for your health.  I'm sorry to hear your vision has taken a turn for the worse.  I hope the lesions at least turn out to be non-cancerous.
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  • @CMGragain - happy belated birthday!  I am sorry to hear about your driving.  Have you considered Uber or Lyft as a way to get around so that H isn't just looming at the store while you look around?  It may not be viable for all types of shopping, but you can ask friends and family for Uber and Lyft gift cards for your birthday or Mother's Day etc so that you can get out and have some free time.  Anyway, I hope the cake was good!

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    Ro041 said:
    @CMGragain - happy belated birthday!  I am sorry to hear about your driving.  Have you considered Uber or Lyft as a way to get around so that H isn't just looming at the store while you look around?  It may not be viable for all types of shopping, but you can ask friends and family for Uber and Lyft gift cards for your birthday or Mother's Day etc so that you can get out and have some free time.  Anyway, I hope the cake was good!
    I am in the small city of Grand Junction, CO., on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains.  We don't have Uber or Lyft!

    Last night DH and I had a showdown. 
    I said "I want to go to the grocery store."
    He said "Why?  What do you want to buy?"
    I told him.  He said "You don't need that.  We can get it at Sam's Club cheaper."
    I don't WANT TO GO TO FUCKING SAM'S CLUB!  I want to go to Safeway!

    I hope he learned his lesson, but I am so angry.  I shouldn't have to justify to him why I want to go somewhere, and he has no right to make judgements on what I buy.  (Feminine product)  I am furious with his control issues!  Just wait until HE needs Depends!

    PS.  I just told daughter!  She'll fix him!
  • @CMGragain - I did a quick google search and the internet seems to indicate that Grand Junction has Uber.  I didn't search for Lyft.  You may want to look into it again!

  • Happy belated birthday, @CMGragain! Sending good vibes for favorable results on your lesions. 
  • Happy Belated birthday, @CMGragain and @MobKaz. Sorry to hear about the vision complications and lesions. Praying for good results from the tests.
  • Happy belated @CMGragain. I hope you can get out shopping for whatever you want, for however long you want, soon. 
  • I'm so sorry for your prognosis. 

    It's good that you are satisfied with your life. Contentment is a beautiful thing. I hope your husband will be able to appreciate that.

    Thank you for giving your daughter contact information.
  • I am in tears.  I am so sorry @CMGragain.  I am hoping you are comfortable and can spend some good time with hubby.  

  • I'm sorry, cmg. You do seem to have lived a full and good life, and you have had an inspiring attitude with all this.  

    And belated happy birthday,I thought I had posted. 
  • I am very sorry to hear about your prognosis, @CMGragain. You have indeed lived a very full life, and it's been inspiring to see you continue to have a positive attitude and enjoy life as much as you could while living with cancer. We could all learn a lot from you. God bless.  <3
  • I'm sorry to hear things are quickly getting worse.  I love your outlook on it all though, and that you also got to experience as much as you have.  Best wishes to you that you can stay as comfortable as possible

  • I am so sorry to hear this latest news, @CMGragain. I hope you are comfortable and continuing to enjoy time with your husband and family. I wish you the best. 
  • @CMGragain, I'm so sorry to hear about the latest prognosis.  My heart is heavy for you and your family.  I hope your final days are as peaceful and comfortable as possible.  You're positive attitude and contentment with how your life has gone is an inspiration.  A reminder to me, to love more and live more, because life can be shorter than it should be.
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  • Sorry to hear that - thoughts to you and your family
  • I'm sorry.

    I so admire your strength and grace in accepting your prognosis. I understand your husband's mindset; he views it, obviously, from an entirely different perspective.  My dad had the same perspective when my mom's health declined.  He saw her acceptance as an unwillingness to fight and live.  My dad came to terms eventually, and I pray your DH will as well.  My dad's ability to finally understand is what gave my mom the peace to move forward.  I hope that made sense.

    The relationship you have with your family has always sounded close knit and strong.  I have NO doubt those grandbabies will grow up with you in their hearts. 

      I have very much enjoyed getting to "know" you the past several years on The Knot.  You and your family are all in my prayers, Christine.

  • So sorry to hear about your recent prognosis CMG. You have such a great outlook on the situation and on life and are handling all of this with such grace. I hope you get to enjoy your family as much as possible.

    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your cake.
  • I’m very sorry to read your update but you have a great attitude towards it. 

    Hospice can can be a great place when you feel like you might like some more help. 

    Is is there a bereavement group that you H can start attending now? I know my healthcare area has a program that starts before and I’ve heard from a few people that it has been beneficial. 
  • @CMGragain, You are often on my mind and in my prayers.  Your courage and strength is incredible and I pray you are surrounded by love, laughter, and joy while you're still with us.   ❤
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