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Reception Music: Bands & DJs - can you do both?!

Ahh the planning feuds have begun! My parents (who I am beyond grateful are helping out my fiance and I immensely) are very adamant about having a live band during our reception. My fiance and I however, are really leaning towards a DJ to cover off on the many genres of music we both like, including house/techno/EDM and the more electronic, club-style music (and ok, our love for 90s-2000 rap & R&B, too :) ). I'm not sure a band is able to cater to these types of songs/requests....

Has anyone ever been to or had at their own wedding some combination of both? I'm not sure if that is even a possibility, but while I'd like to keep my parents happy, it is our wedding!

Any insights or recommendations are welcome! PS - we are having our wedding in Bergen County, NJ if there are any standout vendors who might be able to help.

Thanks in advance, all! 

Re: Reception Music: Bands & DJs - can you do both?!

  • Yes. In Bergen County Hank Lane is the big name in music. Most bands will effectively have a DJ time because they take breaks. Club music probably isn’t a wedding crowd pleaser but would be a fun after party. 
  • Thank you!! I will definitely look into him. Agreed, we were thinking only towards the end of the reception in terms of the more house/club music to keep everyone excited to do exactly that ... move to the after party. Thanks again, cheers! 
  • The right band can cover every genre.  It’s common enough to have a combination of the two.  A lot of weddings I go to have a live trio or quartet during cocktail hour, then a DJ at the reception with some live music mixed in (a saxophone, bongo drums, etc.).
    My local recommendation is a band called Current Affair- they brilliantly covered everyone from Frankie Valli and Billy Joel to popular songs like Gangnam Style and Blurred Lines (it was 2013  :D ).  I know they cover NYC and LI...maybe they also do parts of Jersey?
  • Amazing!! Love this and the mix of having both ... thank you and thanks for the recco! 
  • We also both wanted a band/DJ, so we are having an entertainment company called "Best of Both Worlds" at our wedding. It is a DJ with 2 live singers performers, so literally the best of both worlds! I believe they are based out of Princeton, Nj.
  • I am having Band of Gold Music for my wedding.  They are amazing! Upbeat, exciting, and so easy to work with.  They offer many different options.  
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