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The Bachelor Winter Games?

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I totally forgot about the show until it happened into my Insta Discover area. (I creep on Carly Waddel. She just had her baby! The bachelor is my guilty pleasure.) I guess it premiered a couple days ago, so I need to look and see if I can watch it or if I have to wait until next week. 

I looked through the contestants, and I think it's kind of cool they have people from different countries' versions of the show. 

I am getting SO tired of Ashley I. though. At first during Chris' season and then on Bachelor in Paradise, her drama was fun to watch, but then the next season of BiP when she came back, it just started to get old. I wish the Bachelor franchise would just move on. Her drama isn't fun anymore, it's just old. 

Anyone seen it?

ETA: I could also do without Dean.  :s
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