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Wedding Venues – Tri-State Area (CT/NY/NJ)

Hello All,

My fiancé and I are in the search for a wedding venue within the CT/NY/NJ area. All towns and cities throughout are open for consideration. We are looking for a May 2019 timeframe with about 175 guests. I welcome all options. It would be great if you could drop a note on venues you have been to or even thought about. We have looked at the Aria Facility (Prospect, CT), Glen Island Harbour Club (New Rochelle, NY) and The Surf Club on the Sound (New Rochelle, NY). Any comments on those are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Wedding Venues – Tri-State Area (CT/NY/NJ)

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    I personally LOVED Monteverde at Oldstone but it was too expensive for me.=/

    It sounds like you're looking for a beach themed venue? I heard about One Atlantic from bridal expos but I never looked into it.

    LBI should be a good place to look for wedding venues.

    I know that this name sounds tacky but I've been looking into Club Getaway in CT. It's a lake beach venue.

    Ceder Lakes Estate is also a lake beach setting. 

    I never personally toured at any of these venues.These suggestions are just based on the beach setting that it seems like you want. 

    My suggestion is to always make sure that if it is an outdoor wedding, always make sure that there is a backup option in case of bad weather. Also make sure that you also love the backup option. 

    I've gone to a tented wedding the weekend of a hurricane on Labor Day! Thankfully, the couple got lucky and they JUST missed the hurricane. Thankfully it was a great wedding. Just goes to show that we never know what to expect. 
  • Also, if you do find a beach wedding in the tristate area that you like please PM me. I would like to recommend one for my cousin who is also looking for a beach setting. =)
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