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No center aisle in church- where to do the ceremony?

Hi everyone, 
The beautiful old church my FH and I are getting married in doesn't have a center aisle. Instead it has one big middle pew section, two side aisles, and two slightly smaller side pew sections. We are planning on just using the aisle on the right side. My family is quite a bit bigger than my FH's, so I think it will actually work out quite well to have his small family sitting in the smaller right-side section and my large family sitting in the large middle section, so both families fill the same number of pews. My question is: where should we stand for the ceremony? I feel like if we stand in the front-center of the church directly in front of the middle pews (where my family will be sitting), his family will feel left out. However, it seems like if we have the ceremony directly at the end of the right-side aisle, it will seem asymmetrical against the ornate architecture of the front of the church. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking about trying to make a right-side ceremony feel less asymmetrical by off-setting the ceremony flowers, but the budget is a little tight to do a lot of extra flower arrangements. Does anyone have any suggestions? 
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