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Is this dress too plain? Blah looking?

Was not expecting to love it as much as I did when I put it on...I will say my other favorite dress is the complete opposite. It is also a mermaid style but has swarovski crystals all over it! But is this one too simple looking? I don't want to look "boring" on my wedding day!

Re: Is this dress too plain? Blah looking?

  • I wouldn’t call this plain or blah looking at all. It’s very pretty, and you can add a gorgeous, bold necklace if you need more detail. 
  • I don't think it's too plain at all. It's pretty. Think of it this way: the fact that it's not too detailed gives you tons of freedom with jewelry, hairstyles, and so forth. If you like to accessorize, you could have a lot of fun with this one! 
  • I find it simple yet elegant. I agree on wearing jewelry/accessories that can make your more gorgeous.
  • I literally said holy smokes when I saw your pic! I think the poofy bottom (so bad with fashion words) makes it more dramatic. If you're looking for more bling, a belt would look great or with that neckline you could wear some awesome jewelry.
  • I think that dress is gorgeous and it looks great on you!  It's definitely not a "plain" dress, especially with the poofy bottom that has a small train.  But it sounds like you were picturing more bling for your dress.

    If so, you might be able to have a seamstress add some crystals.  Though that might get spendy and could change the look of the dress, not necessarily for the better.

    Even easier would be taking some of the suggestions others have mentioned.  A statement necklace would be amazing.  Try it on with a blingy belt and see if that jazzes it up for you.

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  • Not. At. All. 

    Absolutely stunning. Sometimes less really is more and you nailed it!

  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    Not. At. All. 

    Absolutely stunning. Sometimes less really is more and you nailed it!
    I agree with this! Less is more! Put on a fabulous statement necklace or really have fun with a veil. 

  • Damnnnn that's gorgeous!! what I really love about it is that it lets YOU be the star, not the dress, YK? 

    I disagree with the PP who said add a belt, I don't think you want anything to break up that long line and cut you in half. However, a bold necklace or cool hair piece would look awesome
    This this this. Don't get a belt. That dress is meant to stand alone. If you want bling, get blingy jewelry. blingy shoes, and/or a veil with a beaded edging. Also consider going for a couple of make-up trials where you try out a couple of semi-dramatic looks. Nothing too crazy since you still want to look like yourself, but a little drama.

  • That dress is screaming for red lipstick and a great hairpiece. Honestly, I think it's much more show-stopping than a very beaded/blingy dress in a lot of ways. 
  • Less is more. I agree with the others with accessories. If you feel like it needs more, you can add accessories. I'm a fan of the no belt with that dress though. 
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