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My current list is bitch sesh and Ear Hustle.  I need something else to just listen to the talk, but I don't need to listen too closely.  I like to listen while I run.

Re: Podcasts recs

  • ::pulls out list::

    I think the following could be good for running as they don't need much focus (IMO): 

    This is love
    Death Sex Money
    Keep it
    Everything Happens with Kate Bowler
    The Moth
    My Favorite Murder
  • I'm loving Crimetown right now and I keep meaning to start Pod Save America because everyone recommends it to me, but I'm on an Audible kick now so I'm listening to podcasts a bit less these days. 
  • I love Pod Save America. I also listen to Lovett or Leave It.  Keep It! is also part of their network.  
  • I will recommend Spilled Milk for running. It started as a food podcast, but really they are just funny.
  • If you like cooking, Milk Street.
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    Stuff Mom Never Told You, Science Versus, Politically Reactive, Sawbones (husband is annoying as crap but I ignore him), Freakonomics, Call Your Girlfriend, NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour.

    I listen to podcasts while I run too and these are my faves :) 

    edit: spelling
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