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Sit down dinner vs Stations (buffet)

Hi Ladies,

I need your input. Im starting to look around for caters, and I need your opinions. should I do buffet or sit down? pros or cons? what are you guys doing? 

I also like the option of family style.


Re: Sit down dinner vs Stations (buffet)

  • Well it is certainly up to you.

    Me and FH are doing buffet style. We will have two lines so it can move faster. The pros are we get to save money on that but the cons are dinner may be longer as everyone will not receive their food at the same time. 

    If you you guys are comfortable and can afford a caterer to have a sit down dinner I would say go for it. 

    Goos luck to you guys.
  • Our photographer suggested to do stations or a buffet. DJ would call the tables and before they go to the buffet they would stop by our table and we would take a group photo. Then we also would get a photos with all of our guests and friends.
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