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Need Recommendations for Lip Stains, Lip Sticks or Lip Gloss!

Hi Everyone!

My makeup trial run is coming up and I just can't seem to find a lip product that I feel like is perfect for the wedding. Here's kind of what I'm looking for:

-natural look, but a little bit of color (pink-ish nude color I think)
-nothing bold like red, bright pink, etc.
-nothing too glossy or glittery looking, but also not a matte--something kind of in between

Hoping to find something that:
-doesn't require constant touch up 
-won't dry out my mouth
-won't rub off easily

I'm thinking a stain might be a good option?

Not sure if this info is needed, but I have very fair skin, brown hair and planning for makeup to be a variety of gold tones.

I like Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick stain, but I can't say I've found a ton of other options that I feel are good winners... What are some of everyone's favorites? Open to any and all suggestions!

Re: Need Recommendations for Lip Stains, Lip Sticks or Lip Gloss!

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    This is good stuff and comes in a color called Natural Nude which sounds like it fits what you want.

  • I used the Smashbox Rosebud lip liner + lip stick, then topped with the Smashbox Coraline gloss. It was a nice light shade, stayed in place (I think I only touched it up after dinner), but a pop of color. 
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    I was looking for the exact same qualities in a lip color, and I found my holy grail while getting my makeup done for our e-shoot this week. The color was a pale, petal pink. Here's the combo my MUA used:

    Lip liner: NYX SPL858 Nude Pink 
    Gloss: Bare Minerals Stargaze

    I never use lip color so I was surprised to see my MUA use the lip liner as actual lipstick (she completely covered both lips) before applying the gloss. I didn't know liner could be used that way. The gloss wasn't thick, goopy or shiny like other glosses (which I HATE). 

    The color lasted 6 hours, but it was prettiest during the first 2 hours. I wish I had the liner/gloss on me right before the shoot to touch up. I'll post pics if you like, when my e-shoot photos come in.
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