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Hi there. We are coming over to Las Vegas from New Zealand to get married in September 2019. We are expecting approximately 60 - 70 guests. I am in love with the desert weddings I've seen on Instagram, but worried about the heat - will late September be too hot? I also wondered if anyone has any insight into permits for weddings in Red Rock or Valley of Fire and whether it's possible to organise these yourselves or which vendors to use? Thank you in advance.

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  • Late September is still going to be very hot. Highs will likely be in the 90s, lows in the 70s. There are a lot of options for desert weddings. I would recommend going with one of the chapels that has a desert wedding package, just to make things easier. Although, I'm sure you could organize one yourself through the state parks. You can find them priced between $350 and $4,000 through the vendors. You can use to find one if you don't want to look through all the different websites. 
  • Yikes, yeah I wouldn't want to be in the desert in Sept during the day or into the evening.

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  • Thanks for your replies!
  • Desert wedding is the best. There are many places in Vegas where you can have a desert wedding.
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