Should I have a cocktail hour for Brunch?

Hi there, 

My fiancé and I decided to do a brunch wedding. Originally we wanted it to be dry because of budget and FutureMIL who can get weird when she drinks but the venue offered me a spritzer bar for one ☝️ hour for a small price. I was also planning on adding Kahlua or Baileys on the coffee table. My question is: 

should we have the spritzer bar during the morning break after the ceremony? Or should it open after everyone gets food at the reception? 

This is a rough draft of the timeline:
Ceremony 10:30am
mid morning break at 11:00am
brunch reception starts 11:30am
brunch reception ends 3:00pm 

please note I will also have a dj for 3 hours and a photobooth for 2 hours. 
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