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Rings and kids

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I teach fifth grade. These are ten year olds. A few days ago one of my students commented on my engagement ring. She said “my mom used to have a stone as small as yours. Do you plan to upgrade it soon? I wouldn’t want such a small diamond”

I was not offended by this comment.  I love the honesty of children. I felt concerned. I’m a minimalist by heart and I picked it my rings with my FH. 

I had another student awhile ago who was enamoured by the sparkle and the tulip shape of it. She focused on its beauty not on its size. I think she has it right. All rings have a beauty to them. I think we may be teaching our kids from a really really young age to value the wrong things in a relationship!


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    Eh...I’d chalk the first student up to kids being pretty unfiltered at times.  My 9th graders let me know when they catch the gray streak in my hair or if they don’t like my outfit.  You could use it as a teachable moment if you want..definitely smart to not be offended.
  • Yeah, I wouldn't take it personally. Kids just say the first thing that pops out of their mouths sometimes. One time, a little girl whose mom was pregnant asked me if I had a baby in my tummy. I didn't but probably had a bit of a tummy sticking out - we were at the pool. She probably thought all mommy's had babies in their tummies (she was probably 3 or 4 at the time).
  • I wasn’t offended. What I’m saying is that we ingrain the idea of ring size being important young. Really young and it’s kind of sad. 
  • After 41 years of marriage, I am wearing my original engagement ring.  It is a high quality stone of moderate size.  On our 25th wedding anniversary, DH gave me a diamond guard ring that enhances the original solitaire. 

    When we were married, we sisn't have much money.  In the last five years, we both inherited an estate of seven figures.  I wouldn't think of replacing or upgrading my ring.

    Oh, my wedding ring is a plain gold band.
  • While, definitely, children should be taught all the much more important things than material items, I think it's a leap to imply that this child wasn't.

    Who knows where that comment may have come from!  Maybe her own parents were talking about a larger stone for the mom's ring and "little pitchers have big ears".

    Unfortunately, overall, I do think it's tough for kids to get away from the rampant materialism that exists in our society.  Even when their parents are teaching them good values.

    For a laugh to those familiar with it, I'm reminded of the movie, "Oh Brother Where Art Thou."  Where the little girls are telling their dad about the ring their mom's new suitor gave to her.  They kept repeating the phrase, "It's bonafide!"

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  • I think I would have responded something about how rings come in all shapes and sizes and different people have different tastes and corrected her "of course, everyone wants the biggest rock they can possibly get" thinking. 

    It's kind of sad that that's what she's learned!
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