Wedding Woes

Spring is never coming to the midwest.

Snow again.  Blerg.  Spring is canceled this year, apparently. 

BUT the weekend overall was pretty great.  Friday, we ordered pizza and just had a chill night at home.  

Saturday, DH and the kids went to FIL's to help him start demoing his kitchen.  I went to the store and then got sucked into the new Queer Eye...which I totally recommend.  It is the sweetest, feel-good show and just what I didn't know I needed.  I was watching it last night and even DH was all, "This is really good," which we do not have the same interest in reality TV at all.   

Sunday, DefConn had a bday party. DH and the kiddo did oil changes.  We perfected roasting chicken.  

And...SIL is in labor!!  D  I am so excited. 

Re: Spring is never coming to the midwest.

  • I've never heard of pizza and ranch. Do you dip the pizza in ranch dip? I'd be ok dipping the crust in it.  I've also had a chicken bacon ranch pizza I think. 

    New HVAC goes in today. There is snow on the ground, though not a lot. I really hope they work quickly because baby B goes down to bed at 6:45 and I will lose my mind if they aren't done by then, especially since some of the work is duct work above his room. 

    We also have the cleaning people coming today. Bad timing with the HVAC work. I hope it all works out ok!
  • I prefer cheese or pizza sauce vs. ranch, but I have been known to dip my pizza crust in ranch for funsies.  ;)  Or breadsticks and ranch also works. 
  • Weekend was good!   Friday afternoon was off to a rough start when Chiquita threw an EPIC tantrum as I picked her up from daycare screaming and shaking and crying about going to the book fair /art show that night.   I couldn't even get a word out before she turned into a pile of blubbering snot.   That resulted in my happy birthday face going away and going into angry mom mode fast to tell her that in no uncertain terms would I reward a child who couldn't get dressed in the morning, (DH and I each had to tell her to put the tablet down at least two times to get dressed making us late in the morning.)  I think the shut down and mom face made her realize that she was not getting anything and she headed quietly to a 7 minute time out as we walked into the house.

    Then DH greeted me for my birthday and announced he didn't get me a cake but I could have either a birthday dessert of the snacks in the house (like our kid's Easter candy) or he'd go out for a cake.   So he and Chiquita took off and came back with a  Carvel cake.   An hour later I had laundry  put away, I felt better and I was snacking on delightful pesto appetizers, sipping wine and then diving into a big 'ol porterhouse.   Kids were well behaved and we had a great time.

    Saturday was Chiquita's first Communion retreat and then we went to the vigil mass.  Had a low key night and watched The Greatest Showman.   Chiquita got to stay up late to see it and the three of us really liked it.   Neither DH nor I knew Michelle Williams could sing so well and the movie even kept Chiquita's attention.   It also made me nostalgic for my youth.   Growing up in a Bridgeport suburb, PT Barnum culture is alive and well.   Every year the elementary schools nominate kids to be Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren and the Barnum Festival Parade is part of the start of summer.   It was neat.

    Sunday we had a lazy start and Chiquita and I went dress shopping for her first communion dress.   I took a video of her in the dressing room.   Kiddo CRACKS me up. 
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    yeah are we talking dipping pizza in ranch or having a ranch dressing as a sauce?  H needs a white suace/Alfredo instead of tomato because of his bad acid reflux. 
    @kimmiinthemitten, that's the best chart EVER.  I love it.  And so accurate.
    @Mrsconn23, yay baby!  Let us know how it goes :)
    @kvruns, gl with it all.  

    weekend was great.  Friday we stayed in and then on Saturday I reminded H about a fundraiser we were invited to.  Even though I brought it up and it was my memory that made it happen - after I did, I realized it was 1.5 hour drive and I didn't want to go.  It may have had to do with it being 53 in my house and I was super grumpy about it. But we ended up going.  It was "Ok".  we bought a few raffle tickets and won an industrial size bottle of Goldwell shampoo and now I'm good till 2020. At least.

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    Yes!  I dip all 'Za into Ranch!  It's a very Michigan thing, so I wasn't sure if they extended out to the midwest in general:).  
  • VarunaTT said:
    This is my favorite, "winter is never leaving" image this year:

    Image result for its like winter is really mad
    Yes, that one is great and so true! 
  • I'm glad you're moving on, @charlotte989875.  Your other realtor sucked a big one. 
  • mrsconn23 said:
    I'm glad you're moving on, @charlotte989875Your other realtor sucked a big one. 
    Ha. Exactly. I don't think we realized how bad she was until H met with this other guy. Or more accurately, I guess we didn't realize how much more an agent could be doing for us until he met with the new one. 
  • Any social dancers on here? I’m doing a beginner swing class tonight and no idea what shoes to wear. Just keds? I don’t have any heels I can walk in let alone dance, just wedges with no straps so I think I’d be stepping out of them constantly? Help me dress myself
  • Any social dancers on here? I’m doing a beginner swing class tonight and no idea what shoes to wear. Just keds? I don’t have any heels I can walk in let alone dance, just wedges with no straps so I think I’d be stepping out of them constantly? Help me dress myself
    I think Keds would be the best option and then you can check out what everyone else does.  But I'd think with swing, you'd want flat shoes? 
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    lyndausvi said:
    Spring is alive here in the Rockies.   Although we did get a lot of snow yesterday, it's going to be near 80 on Wednesday.

    So currently I'm sitting in the waiting room of the hospital for DH's weight loss surgery.    I've very proud of him.  He did well on his pre-op liquid diet.   I feel confident that he will succeed.        I was cracking up in the pre-op though.  For over any hour all he talked about was food.  All over the place, from how our hotel keys are Domino Pizza ads, to some website that ships food from famous places around the country to us eating impala on our HM 9.5 years ago.   :D Even the nurse was laughing.

    The next few days I will be with him and then I have to go back home until Monday night.   He should be able to come home on Tuesday.    While here by himself he is going to take some online classes to become a Certified Master Chef.   First class is nutrition.   Good timing I guess.

    I have 4.5 days of work left this season.  Which will be painfully slow since the snow isn't that good and spring breaks are over.    

    I was offered the beverage cart,hiking and special events positions for the summer job.   So that is a weight off my mind.   Otherwise not much going on.  

    Hope all is well with everyone.
    @lyndausvi, that's great that he went ahead and did this.  What surgery did he end up going for? was it bypass?  I felt like it was such a quick turn around from the decision to the surgery date! But then again, mine took 14 months from my initial visit, and I'm not in the norm....

    Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions! 

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    6fsn said:

    All soccer was cancelled Saturday.  I worked out, we hit Costco, then after lunch got the GOOD ice cream to celebrate report cards.  Saturday night was movie night.

    Sunday church then lacrosse.  I thought the game started at 1 so we got there are 12:20 (pads are hard yo).  Game was at 1:45 oops.  It was COLD, but they were playing on the high school football field.  It was fun to see them on such a big field.  The team is 3rd/4th grade boys.  There is a big size difference on some of them!  Sunday night was a run- I'm still sub 9 minute miles so yay!

    Today work, religion, baseball practice in the snow, and a work out full of pushups. My arms are jello.

    Oh and I had to throw out all of my swim suits!  They're just too big.

    Not a bad thing in my books :)

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    @lyndausvi, that's great that he went ahead and did this.  What surgery did he end up going for? was it bypass?  I felt like it was such a quick turn around from the decision to the surgery date! But then again, mine took 14 months from my initial visit, and I'm not in the norm....

    Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions! 
    He's getting gastric sleeve.    We have to self-pay (ugh), so that cut down the wait time.  If insurance was picking it up it would have been at least 3 months longer.

    How are you feeling after your's?   

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    Good luck to mr. @lyndausvi!

    @CharmedPam- I was a little shocked how loose the were in the chest area above the boobs.  I was a 36 DD after my breast reduction and now I'm a 34 DD.

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    @lyndausvi, I feel great now.  I'm also a sleever.  I will say that it takes a good 4 to 6 weeks to feel "yourself" again.  At least for me anyway.  But I love it now.  I love feeling fuller faster and not eating as much, i don't think I have given up anything either, I still go out and eat and have fun and enjoy the company I am with.   I wish I knew about "high protein soups" made for bariatric patients when I was on my liquid/pureed diet.  I ate regular broths that had no nutritional value.

    @mrsconn23, awesome! congrats on auntyhood again! 

  • Congrats @mrsconn23!!

    Hope everything goes well for your H @lyndausvi
  • @mrsconn23 Exciting!!! Good labour vibes for your SIL! I forget, but is the gender known or surprise?

    @kimmiinthemitten Only thing I dip my pizza in - ever! - is garlic dip. Not the liquidy kind, it has to be thick. I am ridiculously picky apparently.
    Also it's annoying when 'spring deception' happens at the end of February *side eye*

    @VarunaTT I feel you on the problem with minimalist vs all the things. I'm more the minimalist and M is 'keep all the things!' The best compromise we have is that if he wants to keep stuff, they have to have a spot that's not middle-of-the-floor ... and he does have to compromise with me on donating/tossing things he doesn't use/need. Not easy lol
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    I also have a cooking question, which I could probably get via a google search, but you guys know your shit too.  I told my H I'd make some spring rolls tonight for him and asked if he wanted shrimp & pork ones like you get in the restaurants?  He, of course, said yes.

    I don't like shrimp.  I NEVER cooked it.  So how does one go about cooking shrimp? 

  • Weekend update:

    Friday - we stopped at mall. Put preorder on Spyro trilogy coming out in September {we've decided we'll split amount and make it a joint anniversary gift}
    Then I went through baby stuff. Nothing is washed, but I wanted the bags and bin at least sorted. The dressers will be eventually labeled after stuff is washed {ie; newborn & 0-3 months; 3-6 months & 6-9 months, sleepers, linens - etc}
    I've kept most of the 9 months+ in a bin on the top shelf of the closet.
    M and I seem to be in a disagree-ance abou the closet right now.

    I wanted to do bins from ikea that are stated as toy storage. My plan was the use those for clothes {we also have 2 night stands} until she was about 3 or 4, then look at changing her closet into something she can kind 'grow with' {like a PAX wardrobe, but maybe not necessarily that}
    The bins would later go towards toy storage.

    Apparently M doesn't like that .... so we're just using the nightstands. They're decent size, but I really didn't wanna use them all for clothes :\

    Saturday - M went to the Rod & Gun show and I went to get nails done with a friend I haven't seen in awhile. She's recently engaged, so I got to see her ring in person. It's beautiful and I'm so excited for her :)
    They're doing a long engagement, but we had a little chit-chat on what she's thinking {what season would they wanna do, any colours in mind, etc etc}

    I joked about BabyKitten being in the wedding, and she apparently was thinking that as well. So we briefly talked about logistics about that, since I'd be in wedding party and M would just be a guest, I offered to possibly walk with BabyKitten, then pass her off to M depending on her age.

    Sunday - went to ikea. Got a star light to put on the wall at least.

    Chiro update:
    Won't find relief for 4-6 weeks .... relaxin is an issue.
    He suggests me coming back between now and then, even though those appt are only going to feel like a 'quick fix' they will help in long run.

    Nothing shows as permanent damage, but he doesn't know how my back was pre-pregnancy. Post baby will give him an idea on what to do going forward. He said I'll likely need a few appts post baby, just to ensure all is good but no red flags.

    We'll see what OB says tomorrow.
  • Sorry spring is taking a long time for you all in the Midwest/North.  It was surprisingly really chilly over the weekend and this morning.  But we're back to almost perfect weather this afternoon.

    @kimmiinthemitten, ranch is a fave dip/sauce of mine.  Especially for French fries and chicken fingers.  But I don't think I've ever dipped pizza into it.  I've dipped garlic breadsticks and occasionally the pizza crust, but not the pizza itself.  I'll have to try it.  It doesn't sound bad but, I think I'd like it better without.  Or I just don't know what I'm missing yet!

    @banana468, happy late birthday!

    @charlotte989875, I'm glad you all found a different realtor.  Hopefully you all will find a great house soon!

    @STARMOON44, long ago and far away, lol, my H and I used to belong to a swing dance group.   I typically wore heels, though lower ones (2"), with my flouncy rockabilly dresses.  But I was also in my 20s, lol.  But any flat shoe would be just fine, including Keds.  You just want to make sure the shoe fits you well and isn't something that slides or that you can accidentally step out of easily.  They are dance shoes you can buy and, if you all ever really get into it, you might look at investing in a pair of those.  But the quality ones are probably going to run $70-$100/pair.

    Fun swing dancing story.  One of the guys in the group we were in decided to hold a small swing dancing party (in his awesome loft in an old warehouse).  He even hired a burlesque dancer for some entertainment.  "Stomp" was the Broadway show in town and, apparently, this guy was friends with some of the performers.  After their last show that night, a few of them stopped by the party.  They started swing dancing and everyone quickly cleared the floor.  OMG, they were AMAZING!!!!  Like something you'd see in a movie, except it was totally impromptu.  The guys were even throwing the girls up in the air and all that. 

    My weekend was busy, but not as busy as I was expecting.  The 5-course Tasting dinner I went to Fri. night turned out to be a bit disappointing.  We were seated at a crowded table of 7 people.  The service was below par.  My filet mignon was tough, even though it was cooked medium rare (as I requested it).  And the dessert course totally sucked.  Me, my H, and the gentleman across from me all ate one bite and shoved the plate aside.

    I was supposed to go on Friday with my H to do repairs at one of our rental units.  But he was worn out and not feeling well, so we didn't.  He went out to that one on Saturday.  I relaxed at home, but wasn't feeling great myself.  On Sunday, we worked together at our unit next door.  We still have a good bit of work there, and I want to have it wrapped up by Friday.  He is going back out to the "other" unit today and is bringing two workers with him.  I am praying they get everything done.  The HANO re-inspection is on Wed.

    On a side note, that obnoxious tenant has still not paid her portion of the rent for this month.  She was there "briefly" on Sat., but was magically gone before my H had a chance to ask her for it.  Both he and I sent her text messages about it last week.  Along the lines of "hey, since we'll be there on X,Y,Z dates, just hand us the rent instead of mailing it."  She didn't reply to either of us.  I suppose she didn't have to, but then, it's not like her or her adult daughter (who also lives there) said, "Before you go, here's the rent."  She better have it today because I will be PISSED if we went to all this trouble and expense doing mostly unnecessary stuff to make HANO happy.  If we end up evicting her anyway.

    I suspect she will pay it because the consequences are pretty dire, if she doesn't.  As in, she'll lose her rent subsidy with HANO and she'd go back on the many years long waiting list to get it back.  But then, one thing I've learned with landlording is there is really no telling what irresponsible grown adults will do.  It's like, they can't even see past today, much less how their actions will affect them in majorly negative ways for years into the future. 

    Wedding Countdown Ticker
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    Lynda - Good luck to DH!  Hope all goes well!  And congrats to you - you made Knottie Warrior! LOL!

    6 - That is a good problem to have!  Keep up the good work!

    Charlotte - I hope the new realtor works out better!

    Kimmi - Ranch and Pizza are sacrilegious.  The only time ranch should be on a pizza is if it is BBQ sauce based!

    Thursday & Friday, I was WFH.  DD got a hold of the landline phone and dialed 911 before I could stop her.  She also must hit the speaker button because the next thing I knew, I heard "Hello" as I was walking over to get the phone.  I said "Wrong number" and hung up, only to see 911 within the sequence of numbers she hit.  So they called me back and had to do a well check on us.  Friday was more uneventful at least!

    Saturday we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and I ate all the pancakes - they are so good!  DD loved her pancake too!  After that, we ran some errands.  Then it was family nap time!  We forgot to set an alarm, but H & I woke up just in time to get ready for church.  So we got up DD and went. 

    Sunday DD got up around 8, so we all got up and went to the bowling alley for their Sunday morning special of 2 hours for $15.  DD did pretty well hanging out in her stroller.  We did some things around the house and H made a delicious dinner!

    Tonight is a council meeting in town and I plan to go.  They are proposing an 8% tax hike after having a $5.2 mil surplus last year.  Lots of people are mad, so hopefully people go out and speak their displeasure.  I'm not sure it will do anything, but sometimes you have to try.

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    Congrats auntie Conn!

    Bread and doughey are my favorite things so I like the purity of a naked crust. I don't dip crust in anything and the only things I'll add to the top of a pizza is giardiniera or hot sauce.

    Sending vibes to the Mr, Lynda!

    I had a great weekend. Pretty low key. H's tattoo is done. We ate out too much but he wanted Mexican on Friday (and who am I to argue chips and margs?) and our chicken didn't defrost quickly enough on Saturday so I talked us into Indian. Did our taxes yesterday and got the house clean.

    Got up early today and worked out! Hoping this is setting the tone for the week!

    I feel like such a successful girl - I went to Ulta to get color matched for foundation I'd already ordered. And it was the color I got! Maybe next year I'll learn how to use a curling iron.

    Image result for someecard betting someone half your shit youll love them forever
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