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I just booked my wedding at Coindre hall for 10/12. Looking for feedback on the venue!!!


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    Congrats! I'm a Nov. 2012 Coindre Hall bride!
    I've never actually been to an event there, but I recently went to their Bridal Showcase a few weeks ago, and as much as I was in love with it before hand, I absolutely fell in love with it all over again! The food (mainly cocktail hour type of stuff) was amazing! And being able to walk around and see it in action just totally put my mind at ease, and let me know we definately made the right choice in picking this venue!
    Everyone seems a little thrown off that the dance floor and seating area are in two seperate rooms, but if your like FI and I, we actually really liked that fact about. (Makes for more a European style wedding, lol) Its definately a different and unique venue!
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    Hi! I can't be of much help either because I haven't been to a wedding there but I am also getting married there next October.  I was very excited to find this place.  I looked at 15+ venues on LI. I was looking for something that did not feel like a catering hall and had a special and unique atmosphere.  I usually just lurk on these boards and never post but I was excited to see other brides getting married here!!!
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    I wish I could've gotten married there, because it's SO gorgeous!! But my wedding is going to be too big to fit in there.  I actually waitressed at catering halls through college, so I have seen several weddings there.  It is beautiful and definitely not the ordinary catering hall.  The bride and groom take pictures in the courtyard in the middle of the venue, and they come out so beautifully (and have you seen the upstairs?)

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  • I just booked my wedding there today! I'm getting married July 27th 2013! I was completely enamored with the place and it was everything I wanted. I actually enjoyed the fact that the ball room dancing area was separte from the dining area. It made me think of movies like Pride and Prejudice and that old grand opulence that they had to their parties and a ballroom would have been a separate room just like that. We are also having our Ceremony there, which I am also thrilled with. The place makes me wish my wedding were today!
  • Congrats!!!!  Coindre Hall is absolutely an amazing place.. I feel the same way... I wish my wedding were today!!!!  Please keep me posted with your plans!!!!
  • I've just been to see it and am in love with it. Only problem is the two rooms! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the venue but I just can't get past the seperate rooms.
  • I was a bit afraid of that myself but we are going to put some bar tables in there.,this way people that don't want to dance can still sit out there and watch. I heard it works out fine..
  • That was one of the things that drew me to the place. I like that there is a separate room for dancing. That way people wanting to have conversations at the tables are able to, while others (like myself) can be partying it up on the dance floor. It also reminds me of movies like pride and prejudice where they had parties in big mansions and there was always a separate ballroom in the mansion for dancing. I just love the idea.
  • I'm looking into this place as well. My fiance and I have an appointment there on June 9th. How is the price per plate at this place? Just a range. We are thinking of a July 2014 wedding. 
  • does anyone know the prices?  Is there a site fee?  thanks!
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