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NJ/NY Wedding License Question

Hi All,

I wasn't able to locate a board that specifically addresses but I'm hoping someone could help!

I live in New Jersey but will be getting married in New York state. My question is, if I go to the courthouse in NJ a week before the wedding (to factor in waiting period timing), can we sign our wedding license and be legally married before the wedding date. Then on the day of the wedding, the ceremony the officiant performs will be just that, more of a "performance" as opposed to having legally binding properties.

I will even see if the NJ courthouse can post date the license to become effective the day of the wedding.

I'm just really trying to avoid having to go through the New York state marriage license process - I'm getting married in a super small town in the Catskills and the few times I tried getting information out of them regarding this, it was painfully unhelpful.


Re: NJ/NY Wedding License Question

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    Getting the NY marriage license was a breeze.  I don’t understand why you’re treating it like you’re on the west coast and need to come all the way to NY.  It doesn’t get much closer than NJ.

    And it’s beyond tacky to deceive your guests. 

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  • Lol, it's literally filling our and signing a form and paying a fee, you make it sound like to get a license in NY you need to donate plasma and run a marathon.

    The only thing to care about is the 24 hour waiting period, but no one here is going to suggest you do anything but just make a trip to literally any county clerk's office in NY (since you can use the license in any other county in NY) up to 60 days before your wedding.

    Don't lie to your guests and play pretend dress up, get married when you actually say you're getting married. Anything but is just rude and childish.
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    I'm from Illinois and got married in NY.  We got our licence the morning of October 31st.  It took 5 minutes.  Wait no, she was on the phone with someone when we walked in so 7. 
    We then got married on November 1st at 4:00 p.m.  You just need 24 hours after getting the license (like most states).  You live a state over and depending where - it may be a hop, skip and a jump away from the closest NY town (doesn't have to be where you're getting married).  Easier than what I had. 

  • Former NY bride here - it's the easiest process ever.
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