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Priest/pastor/minister for outdoor wedding

Hi All,

My fiance and I are having an outdoor ceremony.  Both of us were raised Catholic, however neither of us would consider ourselves Catholic now, but our families are still very much so.  As a compromise to not having the ceremony in a church, we would still like a priest to officiate the wedding.  Does anyone know of a Catholic priest that is willing to perform weddings outside of the church?  Or an alternative? Our wedding is taking place in Mims, FL.

I look forward to your feedback.
Thank you!

Re: Priest/pastor/minister for outdoor wedding

  • Your best bet is to meet with a priest to go over this, the important thing for you to have an open mind about the process since you're wanting the marriage recognized in the eyes of the church at a minimum (Priest/Deacon receiving the vows).  Chances are though, this is not likely to happen without a heck of a lot of work on your part and rarely if ever will a Bishop approve an outdoor wedding.  Chances are you'll also be required to attend Pre cana classes along with NFP classes (think of it as should you choose to have kids, it's how to make getting pregnant and/or finding out any issues to getting pregnant easier!) 

    I know Disney has some some arrangement where mass is said at a particular time in one of the pavilions for travelers and I believe they sometimes do weddings too, however that really doesn't help you out. 
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