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My fiance and I have both been married before.  We have no desire to do the standard bachelor/bachelorette party.  We also have everything we need and I do not want to do any bridal showers.  We would, however, love to do a fun night out with all of our friends.  Simple, meet at one of our favorite restaurants, eat on the patio, and have drinks around the patio fire pit.  It won't be a crazy night.  Just a good night of drinks and friends.  I want a fun name for the night, what ideas do you have??  (Our wedding invitations say Eat, Drink and be Married.  So something a little different than that?)   

Re: Party name!

  • I second Friend's Night Out.  I use FB events to invite groups of people over, so I understand wanting a title for it.  If you're doing a FB style invite, I'd say something along the lines of, "Friends' night out!  Hoping to get together with everyone before all the wedding craziness hits.  Meet knottie#s and FI at X restaurant at 7!"  If it's just a word of mouth invite, tell your friends you want to meet up for a night on the town with the gang.
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    I'd just call it a "party" or "friends' night" without mentioning your wedding.
  • Don't mention your wedding in connection with this. You don't need a wedding or any other reason to throw a party. Just invite whoever you want to invite and have fun. You don't need to call it anything.
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