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Has anyone hosted/attended a wedding, or any event at The Pour Vineyard in Red Bud, IL in the summer time? I have someone who is looking to hold an event there this summer, but there pavilion is not air conditioned, just has a large 12foot fan. It has the retractable walls, which will be down of course, but I didn’t know if the fan was enough to keep it cool in the summer. 

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Re: The Pour Vineyard

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    If the day is hot and humid, a fan will not be sufficient.  If it rains and the walls have to go up, the inside temperature will climb quickly.  Some of those large fans also have a noise factor that can make it difficult to hold conversation near its location.

    In addition to the air temperature, you have to consider the bug factor, as well as food safety.  Outdoor + midwest + summer is not a safe bet, in my opinion.

    If your friend is adamant on this location, could she look into portable cooling devices? 
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