Transport - West Chicago/Carol Stream/St. Charles area

Hi everyone,

I think I already know the answer to this but thought I'd give it a shot.

We are having our ceremony and reception in West Chicago.  Our hotel is in Carol Stream (5 miles, 10 minutes away).

The hotel shuttle only transports 12 people at a time, and I am expecting over 50 to need transport from hotel to venue and back. I don't want to shell out $900 for a bus, but also don't want guests waiting every 20 minutes for 12 people to go to and from venue - it would be a lot of trips and a long time overall.

Does anyone know any transport companies that would do a trip at 4pm and one at 11pm without charging the full day $900-1,300 I have been seeing?  Or any other ideas?



Re: Transport - West Chicago/Carol Stream/St. Charles area

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    You can try to contact a cab/limo company and ask whether they offer "point-to-point" service.  You could also arrange to have multiple Ubers available.  It will add up, but not anywhere close to the point of $900.
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    Check with the local school bus company...  You don't need a fancy bus, just a way to get people from point A to B and back...  
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