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Didn't Budget Videography - Please Help Us Win it!

My fiance and I did not budget videography into our small wedding, but decided we wanted it and have had the opportunity to be finalists in a contest to win it for free! 

The final winner is being selected with instagram likes, and we really need everyone's help to win! Here's how: 

**Removed for ToS violation**

Contest ends at 10pm tonight. Thank you! 

Re: Didn't Budget Videography - Please Help Us Win it!

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    It's customary to not "Spam the boards", and when doing multiple postings to put "XP" in the headline.  

    Also, as someone else posted, this is a GREAT way to get everyone here to "vote" for someone else.  Next, if you have a cell phone that accepts a micro SD card, for $10 you can get a tripod and have your wedding recorded.  The chances of watching that SD card are equal to how many times in your married life you'll likely watch the video from your wedding.  
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