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Makeup Trial Gone Wrong

emmy72emmy72 member
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edited May 2018 in Wedding Hair and Beauty
TL;DR: My brow lady gave me a free bridal trial, and I came out looking like a gothic doll with purple lips. 

Full story: The girl who waxes my brows (let's call her "Annie") is talented at what she does. Amazing. A brow-whisperer of sorts. So naturally, when I asked Annie if she knew any good makeup artists for my wedding, and she recommended herself -- I was all for it. She said she regularly attends makeup conventions, and that makeup is her true passion. Sure, works for me.

I came back to the spa she waxes at weeks later for the free bridal trial. I explained my makeup preferences (as natural as possible), my wedding date (Summer), location (outdoors, plenty of sunshine) and desired vibe (timeless, glowing, all that typical bridal jazz).

I came out with purple lips, black winged eyeliner, contoured everything, and foundation so dark and so thick I think I'm still wearing it weeks later. I think it's important to note here that I'm pretty pale, so while all these components might look fantastic on a gal with more melanin, it just looked...freaky on me. Like someone straight out of the Addams family.

The best part? This wasn't a "final reveal" type of makeover. I was shown progress every step of the way, and gave Annie honest, real-time feedback. BUT SHE WASN'T HAVING ANY OF IT. I'm serious. I explicitly said things like "I really don't wear eyeliner, so I do not envision thick, black eyeliner at my wedding", and "I do not wear lipstick, this color is too strong for me". She conveniently had a counter-argument for every qualm I had.

I ultimately walked away hysterically laughing. I'm just grateful this was a FREE experience!

Re: Makeup Trial Gone Wrong

  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing Alaska member
    Sixth Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its First Answer
    I'm glad you're laughing about it! I expected someone asking what they should do, and I was going to say, "umm, this is what a trial is for! Find someone else!"

  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
    5000 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    Wow! LOL. I hope you were able to give her a response that lets her know it's not your style without severing the relationship of the brow-whisperer. 

  • Couple things - first - stage makeup/photo op makeup is going to be thicker and different in color than you're used to.  I hope you did take some pictures from a distance just because of that factor to see how it came out.  Your eyes likely will look better in the pictures because they do need significantly more than what you're used to looking at in the mirror to wear normally.  

    I did my own wedding makeup and glad I did because it was exactly as I wanted.  

    Ultimately, you didn't like it, trust your instincts.  
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  • NowIAmSypNowIAmSyp East Hanover, NJ member
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    Pics or it didn't happen  ;)   :D
  • emmy72emmy72 member
    Third Anniversary 25 Love Its 10 Comments Name Dropper
    a! I did take pics but just prefer not to post my face everywhere ;) 

    Update: No severed relationships with the brow-whisperer. At my next wax appointment, she said she knew I just wasn't digging the look. I had professional makeup done for my e-shoot this past weekend by a completely separate team of bridal makeup specialists, and LOVED it 100%. 
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