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i am trying to decide on wether to do wedding favors or not i do want to do something edible either taffy apples or an apple butter but i can't find anywhere to order them from and don't want to make myself i just don't have the time
does anyone have anyone that they have ordered them from?

Re: apple butter

  • I wouldn't do taffy apples - too messy. I love apple butter though. If you live near an apple orchard that has a store you could probably ask them if they could do a run of small jars for you.
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    Also pro apple butter over here - no to taffy apples.
  • Another vote for apple butter. I'd try to find a local place, like an orchard or farmer's market. 
  • Another vote for apple butter if you decide to do favours (which you don't have to). Keep in mind that if you have guests traveling on an airplane with carryon only, size needs to be smaller than 1oz (would be similar to what you get for jam in a jar at a restaurant for breakfast).
  • Contact your local apple orchard and they'll have the resources for you in terms of what is available (yes, this will be something you'll want to have planned out in advance).  How about apple donuts bagged up to take home if they want.  
  • We're planning on doing something edible, such as popcorn jars or honey. Taffy apples can get expensive (at least where we're from). I think the apple butter is a great and unique idea!
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