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Hey everyone,
I just went to a bridal showcase and I could not believe how expensive photographers are.  My fiance and I are paying for our own wedding so we have to have a strict budget.  We estimated about $2,500 a photographer.  Do you think that will work?  I did see some places that will work in my budget but not sure of the quality of the photographers. 
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    I think it really depends on what you're looking for, because different photographers charge by different criterias, like number of hours etc.
    If you want a recommendation - we have worked with Julian Ribinik and he worked with our budget, we're more than happy with their work.

    Good luck!
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    check out

    i was on a budget for my wedding and they welcomed me with open arms. they are a husband and wife team so you get 2 for the price of 1. give them a shout and be open with them about your needs and what your budget is. the worse that can happen is they say they can not do it. plus side is, their work is amazing.
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    Our Photographer worked with our budget, and it was less than yours. Carissa Dunnarummo Weddings if you're interested.
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    Patken also quoted us low and we got a lot out of our package,.
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    Also take a look at Gina Esposito Photography. She does beautiful work and works within your budget!

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     My Fiance & I are getting married next month - our photographer was one of the first vendors we booked after the hall. We are also paying for our own wedding, I know how expensive everything can get - it's crazy sometimes.  BUT you have to make a list for all the vendors and place them in importance order.  For US, the photographer was #2 on the list, the food was #1, so we spend over our original budget but spent less for a videographer (last on the list).  Wedding Planning is like a Marriage, it's about compromising.  We LOVE our photographer, we had amazing engagment session done (if you talk about a package, ask if they can include an engagement session, it's like an hr and totally worth it!)  NEGOTIATE WITH THE VENDORS!  In this economy, you can definately bargin with them.  NEVER take the first price offered, always low-ball it and keep em hanging for a few days!

    Here's our photographer, we LOVE him: LennonPhoto in East Islip - amazing really, he has talent!

    Hope this helps!
    Mrs. G
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    Our photographers packages start at 1500.00 check him out. Red Sweatshirt Photography Good luck
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