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Blah reception walls help.

Our wedding is on a Sunday, in beautiful San Diego, CA. this September 23rd, 2018. I don't want to have it too late since people have to work the next day, so the reception will start at 4. Sunset won't happen until around 7, so most of the reception will be during daylight. Problem is that the reception venue walls are white with no trim or detail of any kind. Very Blah. I don't think uplights are an option because it will be daytime. Our wedding colors are vibrant, so I am hoping that with the table covers, centerpieces, backdrop for the cake table, and maybe paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, this will be enough to draw attention away from those white walls. Do you guys think that's enough? Do I need to do more?

Re: Blah reception walls help.

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    I think that's fine! Honestly I've been to so many weddings in so many random rooms that I truly don't notice the walls. I notice centerpieces and table presentation for sure, and uplighting if it's there, but I don't ever miss uplighting. 

    Are there a lot of windows, given that you said most of the reception is during daylight? Even more reason not to worry about walls, as natural light is beautiful. 

    And hey, at least they're white. Better to be blah than to be overly ornate to the point of clashing with the look you're going for. 

  • You are right! I am being totally neurotic and over-thinking!
  • @banana468, I always enjoy your responses.
  • Relax - no one gives a rip about the walls (blank slate is better than overdone odd-colors) - they do care if they get cheaped out on a great piece of cake, nice meal, have a comfortable place to sit (not pretty chairs!), sun directly in their eyes at sunset instead of being able to see the couple, have to open up their wallets at the bar, etc....  
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  • Thank you so much, @MesmrEwe! All of the things you mentioned are being very well taken care of. It is a relief to read that boring white walls are not that big of a deal. 
  • I definitely think your plans sound perfectly lovely, and agree with everyone else that you really don't need to do anything else. 

    However, if you really want something on the walls, I've seen people project photos/slide shows on the walls and have it run continuously throughout the night. Gives people something to look at, but it doesn't demand that they sit and watch it at a given time. 
  • White walls are blank walls and they don't clash with anything! We deliberately stuck with the less expensive white table cloths because the flowers actually look better with them. Less is more.
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