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Creating Vows for Best Friends Wedding

Hi. I am creating and officiating the ceremony for my friends wedding and I know they would like personalized vows but are not comfortable creating them themselves. I was planning to ask them a bunch of questions individually in hopes to format their answers into personal vows for them. Any good questions to ask to help pull out a lot of great information to make the vows really special? For example: Her pet peeve is him leaving wet towels on the bed so I was thinking one of his vows would be something like "I promise to support you and make our home a loving and happy place....without wet towels on the beds" ..something like that. 
So I was going to ask them both their pet peeves, what the other person does to make them smile when nothing else can, what does the other person do that makes them laugh, best quality, funniest quirk, when they knew it was love, what makes them 'the one', something that always reminds them of the other person, etc

any other good questions to format into vows???

Re: Creating Vows for Best Friends Wedding

  • Ditto PPs. If they want to make inside jokes about pet peeves or whatever other cutesy things, they can write letters to each other the day of. Look up standard vows & required items per your state or province and personalize those. 

    Maaaybe if you're doing the equivalent of a homily, you could include something about how long you've known the couple, how they knew they loved each other, etc but those also aren't really "vows." I have seen priests use that time (Catholic weddings) to talk about the couple as people and how he saw their relationship develop, etc. It was really sweet, especially when someone was being married in the church they grew up in. But that's more of a narrative and not something the couple is promising each other. If it's just a short ceremony (which I would imagine it to be if they have a friend officiating), narrative time from the officiant isn't typically expected. 
  • Agree with the above. Double check what you are held to for being able to officiate the ceremony and then stick the that. Perhaps a nice 2-3 sentence intro to the ceremony about the couple could include something about how their love is ____ or that you can see how _____ could help make it feel more personal.
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