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Deciding between venues! NYCC vs. Wilshire grand

Hi all!

Hoping you can all share any feedback to help me... looked at a bunch of venues and planning a spring/early summer wedding for about 120 people. Any experiences with either of these options?

New York Country Club in New Hempstead NY vs The Loft space at Wilshire Grand in NJ...

thank you!! Appreciate any feedback!

Re: Deciding between venues! NYCC vs. Wilshire grand

  • Hello! I'm not sure about The Loft Space, but my best friend's wedding was at NYCC and it was INCREDIBLE! My fiance and I definitely would've gone there had she not been married so recently to us! The food was great and the atmosphere was wonderful. She had no issues planning it and had so many options! I absolutely loved her wedding, I highly recommend it! :) Good luck!!
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