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Photo Sharing: Burner Phone Connected to Dropbox

I found the suggestion on a wedding website, to rent a burner number and connect it directly to a dropbox so guests can easily text day of pictures, videos and messages straight to the dropbox. I'm a huge picture freak, and the thought of them texting them all to me and going through and saving them all later seemed enormous! This way I could go back after the wedding and literally have a folder with all the wonderful pictures people wanted to share from their cell phones. The apps seem like too much work, who wants to download a new app and all that? Just save a number in your phone and text like normal!
I thought it was a great idea, and I tested it out (thankfully) 6 months before the wedding. The problem is you can only send one picture at a time! If you send two, the sender thinks it went though from their end, but only the first one is saved! So sad, I thought this was a great idea to match my wedding and friends. 

Does anyone have any experience with this newer technology?? 

Re: Photo Sharing: Burner Phone Connected to Dropbox

  • Most of my friends and family tagged either me or my H in the photos they posted, and so it was easy to go through and see them all. If I had wanted, I could easily have compiled all of them into a folder somewhere. 
  • It seems like more of a hassle than just having a wedding hashtag & pulling pics that way. There were apps a few years ago that guest could download to create to a shared album. One couple we're friends with created a shared album on FB and invited everyone who attended to upload pics there. I didn't take any at their wedding but would have done that. 
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