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June 2019 honeymoon help

Hi Everyone!

The Fiance and I are starting to think about our honeymoon in hopes of being able to get some early bird pricing, but we aren't sure where we want to go. We're looking for 8-15 days, a mixture of adventure (zip lining, waterfalls, activities, etc.) and beach. We're aiming to keep our budget under $5000 but we have a little wiggle room on that.. We were originally thinking either an all inclusive in the Caribbean (but it's hurricane season) or we absolutely fell in love with the idea of a Costa Rica honeymoon but it's the rainy season there.

Has anyone been to Costa Rica in June? Would the rain significantly impact our trip in a negative way? 

Does anyone have any other destination recommendations that would be better for June? 

Thank you in advance for your help!

Re: June 2019 honeymoon help

  • My brother is going to Costa Rica, but not until next month. We had also looked at it for our HM, but nixed it because of the potential for rain. 

    What about a cruise? 
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    Would you consider postponing your honeymoon a few months to visit Costa Rica during dry season?  It really fits the bill as far as the mix you’re hoping for.   Although both of my sisters traveled to Costa Rica during rainy season (not together...one actually in June) and both said that it rained parts every day but not the entire day, and only one desired activity between the two of them couldn’t be done because of too much rainfall (a particular hike).  

    I could be wrong but I think the Caribbean’s big hurricane season is a few months past June, like Sept-Oct.

    Its hard to fully comment on price bc I don’t know where you’re coming from (airfare) but I’m not sure if you’d be able to find an AI for two for eight nights under $5,000...especially since often times activities are extra.  (<- although I could totally be incorrect here, PP feel free to correct me!).
  • I had a friend go to Costa Rica in June and it was a downpour the entire time she was there. My sister is there now and said it's rained almost every day as well. Of course those are just two anecdotal stories so take them as you will. If you'd be willing to postpone, Costa Rica would definitely have what you're looking for! Some places in the Caribbean would as well, and you could also check out Belize. The cost would depend on where you're coming from & what airports you'd have access to. You could get direct flights to Costa Rica or Belize from some US airports but may need to take some puddle jumpers depending on where in the Caribbean you're going (if that's something that influences your decision). FWIW, I've traveled to all of those locations and spent WAY less than $2500, but I also backpack and travel preeeeeeetty cheaply.
  • The best prices are usually a few months before the actual trip. For example, my fiance and I are going to Italy for our June 2019 honeymoon and don't plan on booking flights until March. Also, I recommend setting up google alerts for flights. You'll get notifications every time prices drop and that's when you'll want to book. Also, not traveling on weekends drops the prices too. We plan on leaving on Monday/Tuesday and getting back Tuesday/Wednesday to get cheaper flights. 
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