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Ring question

what is your experience with designer rings? They seem to be very on trend and the sales person went straight to them. I’m looking at a Tacori. 

Re: Ring question

  • IME you can very likely find something similar for considerably less. With Tacori, Tiffany, and so on, you are paying a premium for the name.
  • I have a Tiffany ring but we did shop around. I would recommend going to several different stores to figure out what you want and then seeing if you can get what you want for less. In the end, I chose the Tiffany ring because I could get the diamond (D, VVS1 and the perfect cut) that I wanted whereas at the other places, the diamonds weren't as high quality.
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake
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    If there's ever a time to go with what you like, this is it. You're wearing that ring for the rest of your life. Brand name or custom designed, estate versus "big box jewelry store," try stuff on. Get info on the various stones you're trying on and shop around. 
    (You also don't have to shop around. We went to a reputable private jeweler that DH's family has used for a couple generations. Maybe he could have gotten a better deal but trusting the jeweler was more important.)

    If you like the look of Tacori rings, go for it. But don't spring for one just because a salesperson steered you over there- they're probably on commission! 

  • Do they sell such types of rings in large jewelry stores - https://ecodiamond.com/engagement-rings/lab-created-diamonds-engagement-rings? I mean conflict-free diamonds ...
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake
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    Lab created diamonds can be found in stores, yes. I can't think off the top of my head but I'm certain I've seen them. 

  • First, focus on keeping the ring on budget.  Stop buying into "Trends" and just go look at rings that you want to wear for a lifetime (check out some of the bigger places, but also your small town local jeweler - I've always been happy with my local guy as often they stand by their customer service better than the big guys sometimes, also, my local guy was happy to order in "sample" rings in the design I wanted if he didn't have something similar in the case)..  Also, recognize things like "what happens when your finger changes size and it needs to be adjusted - will it lose its structural integrity?"  The reality is you may end up switching rings later on (post-baby - my original fits my pinky finger now), OTOH, go for a ring that you will love/enjoy wearing that fits your lifestyle.  You don't want something that will "catch" if you're incredibly active, and if you work in a profession such as Medical or Food Service, you want something that fits the "rules" of the profession (or a second that does fit the rules ring which you need to factor into your budget)..
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