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New York-Long Island

Is a LI wedding worth it?

I've started adding up all the costs... It's looking like a minimum of 35-40k to get married on Long Island. Is it worth it? If you've done it, would you do it again?

I'm lucky that I won't have to pay for this, but I don't know that I really want my family and his family to to pay for this for us.

Re: Is a LI wedding worth it?

  • not true. to get married is cheap. it's the reception and everything that goes with it that's expensive LOL
    you dont need limos, a photographer, tons of flowers and a huge guest reception to get married. you can have a reception dinner in a restaurant etc.. for far cheaper.


  • we spent right around the 37K mark...the day goes by so fast...granted...it was beautiful...and it was everything i dreamed of and it felt wonderful...i could have done something smaller for cheaper.....but it probably would not have been what i wanted.
    You have to weigh the pros and cons. weddings are stressful too and there will be things that go wrong that day. but if its something you feel you will regret not having then i say go for it.
  • Look around a bit before you book/settle on anything as there are always ways to do things cheaper. Right now, our LI wedding is around 28k and everything is turning out perfectly and exactly what we want (fingers crossed it stays that way Wink)
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  • had a wedding off-island in Maine and spent a total of 14k and had a DREAM wedding...got married here though in town hall so we had OUR moment.
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    It doesn't have to be that expensive there are options you can choose to make it cheaper... Day vs night, band vs dj, weekday vs weekend, fall/winter vs spring/summer etc etc... But I've heard of weddings costing 60k. I think between 30k to 40k is average.
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  • You have to decide what is important to you and where you want to spend the money.  We're getting married this September and we're on track to spend about $15K including honeymoon.  I don't feel like I skimped on anything.  I'm doing it how I pictured my wedding to be.  Granted it's not at Oheka Castle and I don't have a 10 piece band or string quartet but that's never what I pictured my wedding to be.  It's my dream wedding.
  • canwaittobemrsd was just wondering if you could give me any pointers on how you aren't spending a fortune on your wedding. I just got engaged and it makes me crazy thinking about spending a lot on our wedding. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon :o
  • Depends on the place and weather, really.
  • In Response to Re:Is a LI wedding worth it?:[QUOTE]Depends on the place and weather, really. Posted by JoAnne1027[/QUOTE]

    This. You can get married super cheap on like a Sunday afternoon in December or Something.
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