Dinner & hotel etiquette

I am having a wedding 3 hours away so everyone is driving and staying in hotels. I called EVERYWHERE and no one would let me reserve a block of rooms for my date. Finally someone told me there is a huge music festival that weekend so no hotels are doing courtesy blocks that weekend. Is it ok to print a small disclosure on the details card explaining so my guests don't get upset? I was also thinking it would clear up a lot of phone calls asking about hotels etc.

Wording for card (it's in fancy font):


Due to an unforeseen large city event we are not able to reserve a courtesy block of rooms at any hotel in downtown Austin. We have been told 6 weeks before the wedding would be the best time to reserve your individual accommodations.

Also, I am going to reserve a private dining room for our wedding night dinner and my fiancé says people are going to pay for their own dinner and drinks since we've given everyone a year and a half notice. Every restaurant I have spoke with gives me group menus with pricing per person. Should we foot the bill for dinner and drinks or leave it as "pay for your own"? Is it rude to expect guests to pay for their own dinner? We are all going out on the town afterwards bar hopping and everyone knows they are paying their own way for that. Meals range from $10-$30 at the restaurant and it is not a super fancy wedding.

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