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Sugar Factory wedding

Hi Ladies!! Has anyone had a wedding and reception at the Sugar Factory? Thinking of doing ours there. Looks like it will be held in the Chocolate Factory. How was the food? How many can it hold comfortably? Thinking of having 50-60ppl. I'm looking at the $59pp package includes 2 apps, 2 entree's,2 sides, 2 salads, 2 desert's, champagne toast, soda/tea/water, and one of their huge gobblet signature drinks. My sister says I must have more alcohol. So I can upgrade to all you can drink beer&wine for $79 and it still comes with the champagne toast and huge gobblet drink. But that will add on another 1500 with the taxes. And the reception is only 2-2.5 hours. Do I want to spend $1500 for that?? But it is Vegas right?? Will my guess be disappointed with only a gobblet and a champagne toast? And how is their DJ?? Does anyone have pics of weddings there?

Re: Sugar Factory wedding

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