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Inexpensive Reception Halls on Long Island??


We are currently looking for a reception hall for our 2013 wedding. We are having about 140 guests and our budget for everything is 15,000.00. We are very flexible with the exact date but unfortunately not with the budget. Undecided

Does anyone has any ideas for inexpensive halls or possibly all inclusive ones on Long Island?

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Re: Inexpensive Reception Halls on Long Island??

  • Mediterranean Manor and Ariana Waterfalls offer the most inclusive packages I've seen (include photos, DJ, florist, cake, and limos, I think?).  I am not sure about Ariana, but Mediterranean Manor's package was $10,000 for 100 guests, plus an additional per-person price for every guest over 100 (not sure what the pp price was).
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  • Off season: Check out the Beach Club Estates in Ronkonkoma. We did our whole wedding (dresses, venue, photography and all for $15000)
  • check out verdi's in westbury. beautiful, great food, and very reasonably priced compared to other venues on LI.
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  • Thank you all for your help...will definitely look into these places!! Laughing
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  • Check out Crestwood Manor. Me and my FH checked it out and it was beautiful and the price was really reasonable for all the amount of food you get. The only reason we didn't book was because it was so far out that it took us two hours from Brooklyn with traffic :/
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    [QUOTE]Look into the Sands. I saw a commercial for the 12,000 complete wedding  package.... Hope this helps
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    I went to a prom at the Sands... now this was 12 years ago, but still... I don't remember too much about it but I live near it and my observation is that there are never cars in the lot. I'm not sure why that is exactly, but there never seems to be anything going on there. I did a see a bat mitzvah going on there once but I've never heard of any weddings there. I am sure people have had weddings there and like I said, I have no clue if it's nice or not, just something to think about b/c it's usually pretty dead.

    Also, there's not really any type of pretty grounds. It's essentially a beach club so you do have the beach but other than that's it's mostly a pool, cabanas and a playground. There's not any waterfalls or gazebos or anything like that.
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  • I just looked at the bayview house at captain bills and loved it---can i just ask where did you have your ceremony and where did you do the majority of your pics?

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    [QUOTE]Look at Captain Bill's in Bay Shore. It's a beautiful building right on the water at a marina. Prices off season start around $75 per person. We're getting married there in 102 days!
    Posted by kmstev03[/QUOTE]
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