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hi there!  Oh my goodness, I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing here - 
Question, are there any suggestions for a 4th of July wedding in Vegas for a small group of around 20?  I'd love to have the security of an indoor ceremony so I don't have to worry about heat or wind or noise, etc., but an outdoor reception/dinner where we can toast and enjoy a view of the fireworks would be amazing.  Thanks for any ideas I can follow up on!  

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  • Thank you so very much for the suggestion!!  I agree that we will not want to expose people to the heat.  
    We have decided to have our ceremony on the high roller!!  It will be at night on the 4th of July so we can see all the lights and hopefully, some fireworks, as well.  :)  We will have an early dinner somewhere and then I've decided to do the party bus just prior to the ceremony for pictures and sightseeing.  Now, we simply need to find a place for a small toast and dessert afterwards and before heading to Fremont St to celebrate!  I will look into your suggestions and I appreciate your advice!
  • Welcome to the forum neoncactus; definitely agree on Rivea, I got married there when it was still Mix back in 2011, in June, best day ever.  Guests hung out outside for a bit whenever they wanted to, then just came back in.

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    I’m getting married in Vegas on the 4th as well.  We are having a ceremony at Paris and a small dinner reception (10 people) after, but haven’t decided where yet.
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