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Bridal Sneakers

I’m a quirky person. I had originally thought of wearing wedges and ordered a pair, but it just didn’t go as planned. I’m more of the be comfortable type of lady. I’ve been going on and off with the idea of wearing sneakers, because I’ll be out all day and will be walking around the Las Vegas Strip.

I found some that I thought would be interesting and narrowed it down to two. They’re customized by the same seller.

This is my wedding dress via instagram:

These are the two options. One option is completely embellished around the sneaker and the other other is embellished partially in the front. What’re your opinions?

Re: Bridal Sneakers

  • If I'm honest, I think both of these might be too much with your dress. I think it will really detract from your dress which I know you have spent a lot of time on. Let your dress shine without something competing.
     If you want trainers, so something simple but fun.  Maybe do the vans silver glitter shoes. Or glitter converse. I remember you wanted red originally, so you could work that into your shoes for something fun. (or your something blue)

    Image result for vans silver glitter

  • I agree with @LondonLisa. Because your shoes will show, you are better off not competing with your dress. If you want sneakers, the silver glitter vans seem perfect. It's hard to tell whether my screen is showing the real colors of your dress, so you'd need to see them side by side.
  • I would also opt for something a bit quieter.  Perhaps a simple eyelet shoe or one with a lace design.

  • @LondonLisa and @knottie3a07c9dc00519677 at one point, I had been going in that direction. I was looking at the Kate Spade keds collection, but I opted for these because I do have lace, rhinestones, sequins, and whatnot on my wedding dress. I did try to get some pics of the dress, but I admit it’s not that great. I made a insta collage.

    Both shoes are shown in different collages. I do like @MobKaz idea of something quieter. Since I will be getting one of these pairs, I may just get the one that has slight embellishment with more lace peaking through than the fully embellished one. I don’t mind that it is a totally different lace pattern, because my dress has so many difference lace and fabrics in it. 

  • Can I just add that I love your two quick and hesitant smiles.  I can guarantee that if you completely "let go" and bust out full on smiles the shoes will never be noticed!
  • One other point you might not have considered. If you are walking the strip those white shoes will become filthy. That personally would bother me. I would go with shoes like londonlisa suggested. Vegas is not kind to light colored footwear. 

  • I'm thinking a sparkle sneaker in silver or a bright color too.  I feel like in addition to the strip being unkind to white, the contrast will be a cool pop of color vs. trying to complete. 
  • Another vote for sparkle sneakers/converses/chucks that @LondonLisa mentioned...  The others will compete WAY too much with your dress...
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