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Beach ceremony help!

My fiance' and I, like many others, are paying for our wedding by our selves. We live in Georgia and plan are getting married on the beach with a reception to follow at another location. Originally we planned on renting white chairs, arch and other decor for the ceremony. Now it seems that its just not going to be in the budget anymore. Please send any suggestions for decor. Have you been to beach weddings where there were no chairs? Thoughts and opinions appreciated. I need help to solve this problem. Also, if we wont be renting any of those things, these means we will not have a table to perform a sand ceremony. Any suggestions on vow ideas? Thanks!!!!!!!! Kiss

Re: Beach ceremony help!

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    My fiance didn't want ANY chairs and that would have been okay by me, but I am using a day of coordinator who is letting me rent all her beach decor stuff. That's partly why I hired her...the beach rental wedding companies have packages that are totally OUTRAGEOUS for what you get! I have seen lots of weddings on the beach where people are standing. It's not ideal, but it's a quick ceremony so it's fine.

    Could you just set up a tiny cocktail type table and cover it with a white linen, then you can do the sand ceremony.

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    I also live in GA and am doing a beach wedding. The more research I have done -- it does seem you can do as much (or more) for less money than what the company charges.
    Are you renting a beach house while you are there?
    If so -- take advantage of the furniture in the house . . you would have to send somebody from your group to watch over it once it is placed on the beach but you are going to have to do that anyway if you have any type of programs/fans/flip-flops/water, etc you are handing out . .
    IMO - the only people who *need* seating are older guests who might otherwise have a hard time standing for that long (remember, the ceremony might be short -- but guests will arrive before/wait until the bridal party arrives . . thats probably going to be at least 15 minutes or more)
    You could use the dinig chairs from the house and create a pretty DIY "Reserved" sign to hang off the back . . a piece of scrapbook paper and some ribbon from the dollar store is a super cheap way to do that.
    As far as your sand ceremony - Im with Krystal on that one . . have one of the men carry a cocktail size table to the ceremony site and you are all set!
    I have decided I am going to use parasols to decorate my space . . I attached a pic for you . .

    Tiki torches are cheap at places like WalMart too . . buy a few of those to go in the front and decorate them with starfish, ribbon, etc . . again, have one of the guys go shove them in the ground before the ceremony . . . as for the aisle, you could simply get a few bunches of silk flowers (the BIG bunches with lots of blooms and 1 stem) and push them into the ground every few feet . . nobody is gonna pay attention (or remember) that anyway . . the only thing they will see is you walking down . .LOL
    Hope that helped!
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    not sure how formal you are trying to be -- but, if a relaxed atmosphere is ok with you -- why not beach blankets?

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